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E3 Local plans and delivers promotional media to improve the cost, quality and effectiveness of local marketing programs for advertisers challenged by resources and anxious for growth.

What works in Pleasantville won’t work in Metropolis.

E3 Local partners with marketing teams to deliver solutions that align with brand strategy and address the unique conditions of the local market.

Take it to the Local Level.

Specializing in print, digital, broadcast, and neighborhood marketing, E3 Local focuses on smart aggregation of effective products and providing a strategic resource to target and version the message to the local market.


What We Think

Continuity is King

Marketing success has little to do with big ideas and everything to do with good decision making, consistency and consumer relevance.  Influencing consumer buying behavior is a process.  Getting someone to hear you, understand you and react to you takes time.  There...

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Centsible Aggregation, Smart Versioning

The single biggest factor contributing to return on local ad spend is cost of media. The second is the relevance and timing of the message. Marrying lowest possible cost with messaging specific to the local community is challenging. For many local advertisers, it’s a...

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There Are No Silver Bullets

An entrepreneur came into the office last week. He had spent considerable time and money developing a frozen food product he was sure would be a hit. He claimed “it was the best in the category…nothing could compare”. He was enthusiastic about an in-store price point...

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