In today’s world of technology and information, buying broadcast advertising is not nearly as complicated as it was ten years ago. The information that powers effective media buying is more available, more reliable, and more relevant than it’s ever been. Access to this information is also easier but remains expensive. What makes broadcast media buying challenging for some advertisers is a reluctance to get too deep into an agency relationship, but not prepared technically or financially to make the investment to do it the right way internally. The end result is advertisers start and stop, choose then change.

The lack of continuity in the process and the people makes the execution of a sound strategy very difficult. Advertisers end up reinventing the wheel with every campaign. E3 Local brings simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness to broadcast media.

E3 Local takes a unique approach. Our broadcast buying services are designed to be easily understood, consistent, and aggressively measured to ensure the advertiser is getting the most cost-efficient schedule available for the specific campaign dates.

E3 Local offers complete media guidance to plan, manage, report and reconcile broadcast media.


Technology and Buying Power

  • Full Service Planning
  • Reach & Frequency Reporting
  • Media Placement and Reconciliation
  • Post Analysis

Optimized Data Source

  • Nielson TV Ratings
  • Nielson Audio
  • National Qualitative Data

Customized Fee Structures

  • Customized Fee Structures To Meet Your Exact Needs And Budget

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