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No marketing plan is complete without digital promotion. Across social, digital display networks and email management, digital solutions offer some of the most cost effective ways to stay in front of your current audience while aggressively targeting your best potential clients or customers.

The complexity of planning and delivering a profitable digital campaign is the root cause of failure in the media. In most cases, decisions are based on emotions or anecdotal perceptions that often don’t have the right context or perspective. Effective digital strategies are like personalities – unique and personal. An advertiser’s digital presence is a major conduit between brand and consumer and should be developed as a direct reflection of the advertiser’s core.

True to our mission of increasing sales, profit, and productivity, E3 Local’s digital campaigns use two important tactics to maximize click through rates and drive sales:

  • Build frequency within key target demos and geographies,
  • Leverage contextual, behavioral and re-targeting technology to maximize ROI

Working with best in class vendors for social, digital and email platforms, E3 Local consistently delivers campaigns that outperform national averages in key performance indicators… ultimately improving your bottom line.

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