Field Marketing Serivce for the Cincinnati, OH, Area

There is not a universal term to describe or a universal recipe for success to effectively market to local communities on a one to one basis. What is universal is that just about all consumer businesses need to succeed from a local store marketing perspective if they are going to succeed from a financial perspective. Local Store Marketing is essential to building long term strength in the brand and the local communities. In most competitive categories, the fight for share of dollars is won by a brand’s ability to win the local store battles in the immediate trade area.

Many brands choose to use location (store) managers and leaders to serve as the voice of the brand at a local level. However, with all of the other demands on a  local manager’s time, it is not a realistic concept that these managers can be a consistent and  effective marketer at the local level. E3 Local believes that the first step in Local Store Marketing success is keeping managers in the units, focusing on their product quality and customer service excellence.  Leave the Local Store Marketing to the teams that can manage it effectively, accurately and responsively.

E3 Local offers a wide range of solutions in the Local Marketing category, all of which are planned and executed to the specific needs of the specific advertisers.

  • Community Engagement and Fulfillment.
  • Point of Purchase and Trade Area Marketing Tools
  • Contests and Promotions
  • Grand Opening and Competitive Intrusion Campaigns.



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