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New and non loyal customers look for purchase incentives to influence their buying decisions. Most advertisers must adapt to this reality by carefully including coupons, added value or promotion into their local marketing strategy. Promotional print has long been an effective media for delivering incentive to the 92% of Americans who say it affects who, where and when they buy.

Promotional print advertising is where E3 Local was born and where we still call home. E3 Local plans and delivers cost effective, targeted print campaigns to value conscious buyers in every market across the country. The wide range of product choices is simplified by E3 Local to ensure the advertiser’s message is delivered to the best households at the best time. Promotional print management can be a full time job. In many cases, the value E3 Local brings in rate negotiation, planning expertise and administrative productivity is the difference in campaign success for advertisers.

Let E3 Local show you what we have done in the media for other advertisers. E3 Local understands that and has proven to drive sales, profit and productivity for advertisers big and small.

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