Print Marketing Services for the Cincinnati, OH, Area

Done effectively, print continues to drive customer connections and sales, particularly for brands fighting for share against bigger, stronger, louder competitors.

Why Print Works

  • The ability to profile and target core demographics
  • Cost effectively version creative to the needs of a local market
  • Track and test performance of offers, products and creative without complicated POS systems.
  • Balance between brand and promotion…satisfying the short term needs of the balance sheet while strengthening the brands foundation

There are challenges to print as well. Because there many local, regional, and national options and because of inconsistencies in how products are planned, delivered and reconciled, placing print for a multi-market advertiser can be a nightmare. That’s where E3 Local’s experience comes in. After more than 20 years of planning and placing print, we have created a unique system, built on contractual freedom, aggressive rate structures, and strong vendor partnerships. The end result for advertisers is locally focused campaigns, executed accurately which take accountability for the only real measures of success – driving sales and profit.

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